Integrated Knowledge Systems provides business solutions when new perspectives are needed to break the boundaries between research and practice. IKS does this by bringing together research and theory in innovative ways, resulting in superior and revolutionary analytic and predictive tools. We have extensive experience in:
  • Creation and implementation of econometric modeling software and computer simulations. Applications including catastrophe models as applied to bandwagon effects, dynamic linear programming using real-time data, and simulation of complex systems and energy networks.
  • Automatic text analysis and extraction of meaningful topics from raw documents using latent semantic analysis (LSI/LSA) and related methods. Applications range from the pricing of web advertisements to the scoring of students' essay-style answers on scholastic achievement tests.
  • Online testing, and computer adaptive testing (CAT) for educational and psychological purposes, integration of multiple choice and open-ended response formats within the same CAT session. Our extensive experience covers the entire testing cycle in small-scale to state-wide testing programs with over 1M annual test takers.
  • In the area of crowd sourcing we have pioneered new approaches to validate workers' responses, while correcting for judgment severity/ easiness and other biases. Due to its scalability, these approaches apply to small, medium, and large-scale settings with millions of observations.